Who are we?

An existential question we try not to spend time pondering - but, since you asked..

The team at the Flip Creative Agency Brisbane are a small bunch of talented (if we do say so ourselves) individuals who are passionate about visual arts and all things digital. We keep things simple, elegant and streamlined. This allows us to attack jobs of all sizes while still bringing our own unique style to everything we touch.

We want you to be our client and our friend(s). We're a bit mad for the arts - books, music, film, TV - don't get us started. We play our music loud and prefer to brainstorm whilst pacing hallways. A bit of Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 never goes astray. We LOVE coffee but we're not addicted to it because that's almost as ridiculous as saying you're addicted to breathing.

Photo taken during our recent trip to Tokyo. If you're really trying to work out what it means (like "oh it's shining light in a gritty urban landscape symbolizing flip!") then you're thinking too hard. It's just here because it looks great.